Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Personal Story

You know, it's true what they say.  If you want something bad enough, you'll make it happen.  But you have to want it bad it enough.  It's not just enough to want it.  It's not just enough to dream about it and desire.  You have to have something fueling it.  It has to burn so bad inside of you that you won't do without it.  I want something incredibly bad that I don't know if I could allow myself to sleep anymore without pushing towards it.

Let me go back a bit.  I'm just going to be transparent.  Every job that I have ever had has made me miserable.  It's true.  I would be so miserable with each job that I would wake up in the morning, many times, in tears that I had to go through it again.  Why?  Because I knew that for 5 to 9 hours of every day, I was compromising the integrity of my life's mission.  And the funny thing is, outside of music, I didn't even know what my ultimate purpose was.  But I knew that every day that I stepped foot inside of an office building, a restaurant or a retail shop, I was giving away my creativity, my passion, my enthusiasm, my compassion for humanity, my love for world travel, my zeal for culture, and my desire for freedom to a corporation that only needed, and required, that I be a robot to its bottom line. And don't get me wrong.  There have been many incredible people that I have had a chance to work with and for.  But, none of it was moving me in a purpose filled, inspiring career path of world contribution.

So I started freelancing.  For 6 years I worked as a short sale representative for my cousin's real estate brokerage.  For 5 years, I have been a freelance copywriter, editor and research specialist.  The problem is, I have to shoot it and kill it before I can eat it.  And that is no easy task.  It takes some exceptional marketing prowess, I have learned, in order to generate a serious, life sustaining income as a freelancer.  And though I have worked on a lot of phenomenal jobs and developed some exceptional copy, it has still not gotten me any closer to my ultimate, purpose driven career destiny.

So 2 and a half years ago, my real estate broker cousin shared with me something that changed my life.  She shared a company with me that her business ownership expertise and financial prowess understood immediately.  It was this travel company that planned these 4 and 5 star vacation packages, provided incredible lifestyle upgrades,  created a movement of philanthropy and global compassion, and structured the most prudent compensation program that I had ever examined by ANY OTHER COMPANY.

It made sense to me, too.  So I joined.  I'm not gonna lie to you though, I didn't think I could make it work.  I didn't believe in myself.  I struggled and stumbled over my words sharing it with friends and family, which made it hard for me to really communicate the POWER that this company has to change their lives and everyone's lives that they knew.  Meanwhile, I watched my cousins who did join, my new friends who joined the company the same time that I did, ex felons, students with no college and/ or high school degrees, retirees, single moms, cancer patients, business owners, the shy and meek, artists, and every color and creed of person soar past me.  I mean they were making good money, too.

Well, I will tell you what.  Today, I am fed up.  I'm fed up with struggling financially.  I am fed up with not living up to my highest potential.  I am fed up with having to give my precious time over to a company that could care less what my heart wanted me to give to the world.  I am fed up with not being able to take my son and experience the world.  I am fed up with looking at my baby's face and recognizing that I have played him short by playing myself short.  The truth is, I don't know if I can win at this game called network marketing, but that is no longer my point anymore.  My point is that he deserves that I give it the hardest sprint that I can.  He deserves an incredible education, incredible cultural experiences and a community of people around him, including his amazing family, that teaches him what it takes to win.  And I plan to give it to him.  And I want to be there for him when he needs me, no matter what some boss says or what my time clock reports.  If I want to ask permission to do anything or go anywhere with him, I ONLY want to ask the damn mirror.

Now I don't know if you are like me and are sick and tired of living according to some 9 to 5 life plan where your worth is measured by what "they" say you can do or not.  I don't know if you are sick of living pay check to pay check and knowing that you may work for 40 years and not have much to show for it when its time to retire.  I don't know if you are sick of a boss or a company controlling your time and giving your freedom away.  I don't know if you see a world that needs more lovers and leaders who have the enthusiasm and drive to end poverty, homelessness, violence, and improve education around the world.  But that's who I am looking for.  And I'm not looking for everyone.  I'm just looking for a few hustlers, go getters, fighters, winners, and people are tired of being backed into a corporate corner with only 8 unproductive hours to fight within.  I'm looking to build a team of excited, motivated, fun loving, compassionate, wealth minded, community driven, soldiers who want to make a living by helping as many people as possible succeed.

Take a look at the video below of one of the members of our company whose story is like SOOOOO many that I have witnessed being apart of this movement.  If you are interested in learning more, click the link below the video.  I can be reached by phone at 614-594-3387 and I will be glad give you your first top secret, team mission.  Its time for increase.  its time for fun, freedom and fulfillment.  I WILL get there.  "Will you be there?"-- MJ.

Click below to watch the life changing movie (push play on the piggy bank).  If you are on fire, you can't wait to change your life and there are no more excuses for you, click "join us" and use my rep id: 60054861.  Don't forget to call me at 614-594-3387.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Breaking Bread: More Than Just Food

So, I've been thinking about this concept of breaking bread.  Its a pretty interesting metaphor if you think about it.  In ancient times, the breaking of bread, around the world, represented more than just the sharing of food with someone.  It represented a sacred bond, an agreement of trust between two people.  Many times this trust had to do with an economic arrangement in which both parties gained some level of benefit.

Today, I still see the beauty in this symbolism.  Business men and women make agreements and contractual arrangements, many times, over a meal at a quiet restaurant.  Families come together to break bread over a feast in the union of marriage.  In American culture, when a child makes good grades on their report card, the parents often take them a the restaurant of their choice to show appreciation for upholding an agreed upon standard of excellence.

But, think about the importance of meals in cultures, families and groups.  A meal is more than just food, or even the eating of food.  A meal is a coming together for the enjoyment of food.  When the food is incredible, how much happier are we together.  I have always said that food cooked in love just seems to taste better.  Many of us experience this for holiday dinners and family reunions.

It's even a great way to maintain bonds with friends.  My friends, near and far, make it a priority to enjoy a meal together when we can get together.  The good food, the aroma, the warmth, the conversations, maybe a glass of wine, and the ambiance all intertwine to increase all of those good feeling endorphins inside of us.  It's more than just a good time.  It's a necessary part of every culture.  We see the proof of that in the fact that every culture partakes of it customarily. 

Think about that every time you join a friend, your family or a group to eat.  Try to honor the sacredness of the act and enjoy every bite of the bread that you are eating.  These are important moments of our lives.  Oh, and remember to like me at www.facebook.com/travelartslifestyle for lots of tips, ideas, stories, and insights into travel, arts and lifestyle from my perspective.  It's a lot of fun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

26 Reasons You Should Go Into Network Marketing

1.  You receive the amazing tax benefits of home based business owners (to the tune of refund dollars between $3500 and $7,000 according to accountants and my last 2 tax refunds).

2.  Many companies will pay your car note and even your mortgage payment at certain levels of success (that anyone can obtain with consistency and training).

3.  They connect you to affordable insurance options for you and your family.

4.  The self development training that in some cases competes with a formal business education.

5.  You have the opportunity to gain a residual income much faster than that of real estate, royalties, insurance and investments.

6.  Most companies offer premium, quality products and services.

7.  80% of ALL women millionaires, around the world, did it with network marketing.

8.  You can build relationships with positive, forward  thinking, like minded, entrepreneurial spirited people that become friends for a lifetime.

9.  The opportunity to retire early enough to enjoy your life and money.

10. Traveling the world, many times for free.

11. The business building skills that rub off on other areas of your life and other business ventures.

12. Puts you MUCH closer and potentially inside of the 5% world wealth bracket.

13. Allows you to finance other investments, business, creative, home, and philanthropic ventures much sooner.

14.The most fair business model ever.  In order to succeed you have to train others and help make a difference in the lives of many.  No crabs in a barrel here.

15. We get to share something amazing that pays us as opposed to all the free sharing that we do everyday (our favorite restaurants, our favorite shoe store, the lastest album we bought, the new church we go to, the latest hookup or sale).

16.  No day to day, 9 to 5 drama.

17.  "Instead of rolling out in the morning, you get to simply roll over".

18. Contrary to popular, misguided belief, you DON'T SELL anything.  The company sells things.  You simply push play on a video with your finger (you decide which index finger, the right or the left), sit back and smile (you decide which type of chair you want to sit in), and then wait for them to say yes or no, and then educate them if they have any questions.

19. FUN! FUN! FUN!

20. With our company, you get discounts on things that you do everyday (dry cleaners, restaurants, shopping, fitness memberships, and more).  I'll say it again... YOU GET TO SAVE MONEY ON THINGS YOU ARE DOING ANYWAY.

21. It is a proven and recorded fact that network marketing works for people who work it.  It is the fastest and most inexpensive way to financial freedom, only if you like to have fun.

22. You have a legitimate and fair business with little to no overhead, but a whoooole lot of support.

23. Usually a very low start up cost (many times less than the cost of an older model iPhone).

24. You don't have a boss breathing down your neck, coworkers hating on you to get to the top, or the potential to be fired or layed off.  When you want a day off or a raise you go ask the mirror.

25. Its local, community economics.  You can build business with your friends and family and with your local community.

26. Oh one other thing.  Most people say that they don't have time to do it.... Lets break that down.  Most people work 40 hours a week, for 40 years and retire to live on 40% of what they earned.  That equates to 83,200 hours given to someone else with little value in those hours.  In network marketing, you work for yourself for an average of 2 to 5 years, at 5 to 10 hours a week, which equates to 1100 hours, while giving yourself exponential raises.  As well, you get more value in the hours because you are being trained by millionaires, you are making entrepreneurial friends, and you are having fun at the same time.  Think about that... 83,200 hours compared to 1100 hours. Its seems to me that we don't have time NOT to do it. 

My contact information is above.  Reach out to me for more questions.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Way to Look at Money

In 2009 I read one of the most life changing books of my entire life.  It was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  It came right on time because I was examining my views of money and how and why the wealthier were wealthy.  It was a phenomenal, authentic, fully transparent story of the difference between his biological father (who he coined his poor dad) and his bestfriend's father and mentor (who he called his rich dad).  His rich dad understood some things about wealth that the poor father did not, that included 3 really important keys in my mind, one being residual income (which is the money that ALL wealthy people earn... like royalties, real estate rents, network marketing income, and any other automatic income).  The other being the fact that the tax laws are built for the owners... home owner and especially business owners.  And the other being the ownership of your own income.

So I began my journey in to self employment.  For five years I worked with a real estate team as a short sale negotiator, I was/ am a freelance copywriter, researcher and editor. I started my own LLC to house all of my creative projects and dreams.  And, I joined a network marketing company.  Now, this network marketing company has made the biggest impact on my life.  I learned more about business ownership, tax shelters and benefits, marketing, relationship building, and so much more.  I received some of the most incredible personal development training of my life, from psychology, to training, to communication, to persuasion, and even personal relationship skills for marriage (which I am sure I will do again).  

I also realize that its not a sport that everyone is up for mastering.  The process for building wealth is not something that everyone is prepared for.  See, wealth is a state of being that comes from the PROCESS of success.  The PROCESS for success is personal development.  The funny thing is that the easiest, most economical, equal opportunistic, and psychologically beneficial way for a person to achieve that wealth is through the industry that the most people are afraid of, network marketing.  Isn't that something.  Why is that?  Because of two reasons.  The first reason is that ponzi schemes that pose as network marketing companies have perverted the industry, hurting too many people.  The other, more problematic, reason is that because it is as rough a sport as professional football, many people aren't prepared for the hits and the bruises.  So when they give up, its easier to blame the industry or their particular company than it is to accept their own personal fears and frustrations and mistakes from their experience.

But think about this.  And think about it as critically as possible.  What other industry can you start a distribution (not sales contrary to popular opinion) business, get all of the support that you need (IT, marketing, accounts payables and receivables, and customer service), spend less than $500, get a team of successful mentors, not have to pay such expenses as wages and insurance, and have the potential to earn an extra $1500 a month without having to work a job, or even MILLIONS and retire in time to enjoy it?  (Thats a helluva run on sentence huh?)  Think about that, though.  Really think about it.  And as someone with an MBA and someone who does diligent research for a living... it makes total sense to me.

In my company, many of my friends and relatives who joined the company, within the same year and half that I did, are earning at least $2000 a month, driving silver paid for BMW's, taking multiple, all expense paid, 5 star vacations per year.  I'm watching marriages being turned around, ex felons becoming success coaches and elderly couples doing "The Wobble", etc.   "It don't get no better than that!"  All I gotta say is check out my videos link to take a look at our phenomenal vacation club, find out how you can earn some great experiences around the world, save more money on EVERY DAY shopping and entertainment, and have your own business in your back pocket.

Watch one of our incredible training videos by Stephen M.R. Covey if you have been thinking about owning your own business and/ or one day becoming wealthy.  After you watch it, contact me (my information is on the left).