Thursday, January 22, 2015

Breaking Bread: More Than Just Food

So, I've been thinking about this concept of breaking bread.  Its a pretty interesting metaphor if you think about it.  In ancient times, the breaking of bread, around the world, represented more than just the sharing of food with someone.  It represented a sacred bond, an agreement of trust between two people.  Many times this trust had to do with an economic arrangement in which both parties gained some level of benefit.

Today, I still see the beauty in this symbolism.  Business men and women make agreements and contractual arrangements, many times, over a meal at a quiet restaurant.  Families come together to break bread over a feast in the union of marriage.  In American culture, when a child makes good grades on their report card, the parents often take them a the restaurant of their choice to show appreciation for upholding an agreed upon standard of excellence.

But, think about the importance of meals in cultures, families and groups.  A meal is more than just food, or even the eating of food.  A meal is a coming together for the enjoyment of food.  When the food is incredible, how much happier are we together.  I have always said that food cooked in love just seems to taste better.  Many of us experience this for holiday dinners and family reunions.

It's even a great way to maintain bonds with friends.  My friends, near and far, make it a priority to enjoy a meal together when we can get together.  The good food, the aroma, the warmth, the conversations, maybe a glass of wine, and the ambiance all intertwine to increase all of those good feeling endorphins inside of us.  It's more than just a good time.  It's a necessary part of every culture.  We see the proof of that in the fact that every culture partakes of it customarily. 

Think about that every time you join a friend, your family or a group to eat.  Try to honor the sacredness of the act and enjoy every bite of the bread that you are eating.  These are important moments of our lives.  Oh, and remember to like me at for lots of tips, ideas, stories, and insights into travel, arts and lifestyle from my perspective.  It's a lot of fun!

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