Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Way to Look at Money

In 2009 I read one of the most life changing books of my entire life.  It was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  It came right on time because I was examining my views of money and how and why the wealthier were wealthy.  It was a phenomenal, authentic, fully transparent story of the difference between his biological father (who he coined his poor dad) and his bestfriend's father and mentor (who he called his rich dad).  His rich dad understood some things about wealth that the poor father did not, that included 3 really important keys in my mind, one being residual income (which is the money that ALL wealthy people earn... like royalties, real estate rents, network marketing income, and any other automatic income).  The other being the fact that the tax laws are built for the owners... home owner and especially business owners.  And the other being the ownership of your own income.

So I began my journey in to self employment.  For five years I worked with a real estate team as a short sale negotiator, I was/ am a freelance copywriter, researcher and editor. I started my own LLC to house all of my creative projects and dreams.  And, I joined a network marketing company.  Now, this network marketing company has made the biggest impact on my life.  I learned more about business ownership, tax shelters and benefits, marketing, relationship building, and so much more.  I received some of the most incredible personal development training of my life, from psychology, to training, to communication, to persuasion, and even personal relationship skills for marriage (which I am sure I will do again).  

I also realize that its not a sport that everyone is up for mastering.  The process for building wealth is not something that everyone is prepared for.  See, wealth is a state of being that comes from the PROCESS of success.  The PROCESS for success is personal development.  The funny thing is that the easiest, most economical, equal opportunistic, and psychologically beneficial way for a person to achieve that wealth is through the industry that the most people are afraid of, network marketing.  Isn't that something.  Why is that?  Because of two reasons.  The first reason is that ponzi schemes that pose as network marketing companies have perverted the industry, hurting too many people.  The other, more problematic, reason is that because it is as rough a sport as professional football, many people aren't prepared for the hits and the bruises.  So when they give up, its easier to blame the industry or their particular company than it is to accept their own personal fears and frustrations and mistakes from their experience.

But think about this.  And think about it as critically as possible.  What other industry can you start a distribution (not sales contrary to popular opinion) business, get all of the support that you need (IT, marketing, accounts payables and receivables, and customer service), spend less than $500, get a team of successful mentors, not have to pay such expenses as wages and insurance, and have the potential to earn an extra $1500 a month without having to work a job, or even MILLIONS and retire in time to enjoy it?  (Thats a helluva run on sentence huh?)  Think about that, though.  Really think about it.  And as someone with an MBA and someone who does diligent research for a living... it makes total sense to me.

In my company, many of my friends and relatives who joined the company, within the same year and half that I did, are earning at least $2000 a month, driving silver paid for BMW's, taking multiple, all expense paid, 5 star vacations per year.  I'm watching marriages being turned around, ex felons becoming success coaches and elderly couples doing "The Wobble", etc.   "It don't get no better than that!"  All I gotta say is check out my videos link to take a look at our phenomenal vacation club, find out how you can earn some great experiences around the world, save more money on EVERY DAY shopping and entertainment, and have your own business in your back pocket.

Watch one of our incredible training videos by Stephen M.R. Covey if you have been thinking about owning your own business and/ or one day becoming wealthy.  After you watch it, contact me (my information is on the left). 

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