Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Global Perspective

I think that it is very reviving and exciting to travel. But I also think that it is also important and necessary to do so, as well. St. Augustine said that, “The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page”. That is so true. From our vantage point, its easy to think that the world would or should maintain a perspective similar to ours, but its just not that way.

I listened to a man discuss one of the reasons why he made a transition from the United States to Brazil, and he talked about his cultural shift. From the way that the Brazilian people dealt with community economics to cultural etiquette, this particular gentleman preferred the refreshing view point that he got from another country.

As well, I think that we take our lives and our circumstances for granted. I myself am even guilty of this from time to time. We get so caught up in the “woe is me” of our lives and become frustrated with our perceived lack of growth, achievement and increase. But, when we take the time to examine a cultural that is filled with poverty, hunger, and lack of necessary resources for healthy, sustainable communities, its like a slap in the face. An “aha” moment of sorts. It puts things back into perspective for us and we realize that we have more than we think. It also opens our hearts to the possibilities and desire to contribute and give back to our global neighbors in meaningful ways.

It is also great to visit other parts of the world and to learn new and innovative ideas. Other cultures have some pretty interesting perceptions as it relates to family, community and even business. What a great many businesses, non-profit organizations and technological advancements have been created by a broadened world perspective.

But don't forget about the amazing artistic experiences, the delicious foods, exciting tourism, and adventurous excursion activities that we partake in when we are visiting other lands. I personally love to admire the architectural history of other places, such as my experience when I got to visit Poland in college and even my first trip to New York.

Did you know that the way a vacation destination feels is vastly different from what is perceived about it from observing it on the television screen. You have to see it, feel it, breathe, and be a part of it to really get the impact of what the place is like. If you are like me and you just want to see and do more around the world... I'm your girl!

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