Thursday, September 4, 2014

Travel More! Its Good For Your Kids!

When you were a kid, were you able to travel with your family? If so, I bet you remember it vividly don't you? I'll tell you my story. When I was 9 years, and I remember it like it was yesterday, I had the most amazing summer of my life! My father was living in Atlanta at the time so I went to visit him from Houston. He gave me so many amazing peak life experiences from camps in which I learned arts and crafts and archery, and I even got to swim with the other kids in a fantastic lake.

And then, the summer really went into full gear. We took an awesome trip to Florida for a Disney World/ Bahamas Cruise package experience. It was the most incredible time of my life. For 2 and a half days, I got to hug Mickey and Minnie, ride those amazing Disney rides, watch Michael Jackson in 3D in his captain Eyo movie, and even ate authentic Indian food at the Epcot Center.

On the third day, we drove to the coast and boarded a Cruise ship to Abaco Islands, in the Bahamas. I met other kids my age who chased down Chip and Dale on that ship with me, I got to swim and play all sorts of games, and I got to eat escargo (sauteed snail) for the first time... and LOVED IT! Once we docked on our island destination, there was swimming in the ocean under the warm Caribbean sun, there were beach games with other kids, there was a phenomenal cook out at sunset, and we got to watch a woman dance with fire sticks in her mouth and do the limbo under a fire pole, about inches above the ground!

I have never forgotten the fun, the freedom and the fulfillment that this experience gave me. It is still a vivid source of happiness and hope for me and my future. Now, as a mother, these are the types of experiences that I want to provide my 6 year old son. You know why, because he will always remember them. And if you have kids, trust me, it will be as incredible for them, too. I mean think about it. Do you remember all of the toys and gifts that you got for your birthday or for Christmas? Neither do I. But I can recall with animated detail that summer vacation that I got to take. Why? Because it was a peak life experience. And isn't that what we crave in life? Give that to your kids, because they deserve it.
As always, I'm “trippin'” and you should be, too! ;)

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