Saturday, September 6, 2014

You DESERVE to spoil yourself

Lets face it.  You work hard at something!  Whether you're in corporate America, a teacher, a police officer, a baby sitter, a student, a housewife, or an artist, you are grindin' in a certain direction and it takes hard work to succeed.  I know because I'm scrambling those same eggs to create success and wealth for myself. 

But why do we do all of that work?  Why do we slave over a computer, in a boardroom or in front of an audience?  Of course to take care of our basic living expenses and education.  But we also do it to get enjoyment and enlightenment from this experience living on Earth.  And lucky us!  Some source of universal intelligence was brilliant enough to give us an all-inclusive Earth that was equipped with all of the wonder, mystery, excitement, beauty, peace that we would need to enjoy this experience.

Why would it be so beautiful?  For its own enjoyment?  Maybe... but I think its more for the inhabitants and those whose eyes, ears and other senses would be able to really enjoy it.   It is your right and duty to explore, embrace and enjoy the globe.  You are supposed to have an incredible life. You were meant to taste the finer things in life.  You DESERVE to be travel this world, to taste its foods, to meet its cultures, to hear its blissful sounds, and to feel its magical powers.  You were not meant to hustle with no reward and slave with no hope for freedom.

But think about it.  We always put it off.  I'll travel when my "money situation improves".  I'll treat myself to fine dining and a show when "its in my budget".  The only problem is that on most peoples' economic plans, sooner always becomes later.  Luckily, there is a way for you to see the world and upgrade your life experiences.  You can "get a life". 

You don't have to watch other people enjoy their lives on reality tv and not have the chance to do it yourself.  You don't have to burn in envy when someone else comes back from a week in Spain.  You have the opportunity now to do it yourself, too, on just about any budget.  We shouldn't have to forgo our right to take pleasure in the beauty of the world, and I can show you how you no longer have to.  Look to the right of this page and you'll see my contact information.  In 10 minutes I can show you how you can get your life.  I'd love to share it with you and coach you through the process, when you are ready! 

I am "trippin" and you should be, too! ;)

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