Friday, September 5, 2014

What's Your Kind of Vacation

Tell me, what is the sort of vacation that you would like to go on?  Everyone is into something different and I am curious to hear about your vacation style.  I think that is very important to helping you to narrow down your vacation decision and get the biggest bang for your buck.

For instance, some people are into a lot of adventure.  Shark dives, skiing, and jumping out of planes in parachutes might be your thing!  Maybe you love mountain climbing and deep sea diving, but whatever it is, you crave the adrenaline rush.  There are many destinations that will provide this to as added excursions.  Just ask me about em.  I'll clue you in.

Some people are more into something more mentally stimulating.  Many people want to take in the culture of a destination.  For instance, the music, the architecture, the history, and guided tours are more their speed.  Getting a feel for the marketplace and the communication pace of a culture is huge for some people.  I can help you with that, too!

Now for others, a vacation is all about fun, crazy fun.  These people want to take 400 of their closest friends with them for some heavy duty drinking, dancing and playing violent water polo in the ocean lol!  As long as the music is good and the jerk chicken and rum and steady coming, the trip is all good for them.

Finally, some people are simply into relaxation.  The spas with the stone therapy and essential oil massages are just what they need.  Laying on the beach with a good novel and quiet time are the right speed.  They aren't interested in the party going on half a mile down, the marine life's vast color array or tour of the ancient ruins at one o'clock.  Just give them a glass of wine and a space all by themselves and they have officially begun vacation.

Whats your vacation style?  What is your destination speed?  Regardless of what you prefer, contact me.  Our movement has everything you need without sending you into massive debt.  We have every hint and shade of vacation preference for you and in ten minutes, I can show you how it all works.

Call me at 614-594-3387 or email me at (subject line: "I want to get a life"). Follow me on twitter at @agetalifecoach, and on facebook and pinterest at Erin Liggins.  Im The Get a Life Coach and I'm here to help you to get one!
I am "trippin" and you should be, too! Muah!

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