Monday, September 8, 2014

A Love of Wines

You know, wine is an interesting thing.  That little fermented beverage has been one of the most popular staples of thousands of cultures for thousands of years.  Its been discusses and exalted in holy texts the world over and can be found dancing along side the honored and their guests at celebrations and rituals.  What is it about wine that keeps its esteem in our ways of life?

For one thing, does relax the soul.  For many cultures, a relaxed and jolly disposition is something that is held dear at sacred and daily dinners, and especially for celebratory events.  When a bride and groom establish their soul and official bonds, offering wine is the families' way of welcome and excitement.  At dinner parties, its the most natural ice breaker there is and allows for more relaxed mood and conversation.

Wine is also holds certain health properties.  One glass of red wine a night is said to protect the heart from coronary disease.  As well, this same remedy is also linked to the prevention of breast cancer in women.

Not only that, it goes well with food.  My mother, who is a phenomenal cook, says that it is one of the best ways to flavor meats of all kinds.  Her smothered chicken includes and nice touch of red wine, served over rice and devoured by everyone in the kitchen.  White wines typically go well with certain types of fish and other poultry dishes.

Most people who are even the most freshman of wine connoisseurs have a style and general flavor that they prefer.  I started off with a palette that appreciated sweeter, fruitier wines.  But the more mature I have become, in age and in my appreciation of the spirit, I go for something slightly on the dry side.  Malbec, which is a Merlot from Argentina, is one of my top picks for a Friday or Saturday night.

What is your favorite wine? When do you typically drink wine?  Are you interested in becoming more of wine connoisseur yourself?  I understand.  It always adds to one's arsenal of learned culture and class.  Have you ever considered a trip to the country of California.  Sonoma happens to be a bucket list trip of mine.  With out vacation club, we have access to exquisite tours and phenomenal wine tastings that last days, with luxurious amenity and an unparalleled education.  You, too can take part in the culture as well, if you are interested.  Just shoot me a message and ask how you can "be down".  Follow me on facebook, too and let me know if you have a favorite wine or memorable wine experience that you would like to share!

We are "trippin" and you should be, too!

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