Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are you living an extraordinary life? 
By: Erin Liggins...The Get a Life Coach

You see the article title? Well? Are you? Are you living an extraordinary life? Are you having peak life experiences? Are you and your family doing all of the fun and exciting things that you all want to do? Are you engaging in some arts and culture? Are you getting to eat at the nice restaurants, see great live shows and getting down at the sports arena like you really want to? 

Look, lets get real here. If you are not doing and living those experiences and you don't have a plan of action for creating that sort of lifestyle, you won't be living it next year or the next. But, I only say that to motivate you to think bigger! Do you know that you can have an extraordinary life? Do you know that you can have more “fun, freedom and fulfillment”? Well, you can. Guess what though? You can take your friends and family along for the ride with you?

But guess what else!?  Not only can you experience more in your life, but you can give back in a big way at the same time. Let's face it, we aren't the only ones with dreams and goals for better lifestyles. All around the world, in impoverished, third world nations, people are crying out for some resources and some help. We can work for our dreams while helping others in our global community obtain theirs', as well! What if you had the ability to help build clean water filtration systems or schools in places where there is lack? What if you could support micro-loan programs in Africa and develop safe recreation right here in our own backyards? 

But here's the most important question. If you were shown the way to do all of these things, would you hesitate? Would you go into analysis paralysis, procrastinate or be skeptical about your ability to upgrade your life and the lives of those around you? You don't have to, you know. Today, you can say yes to yourself, yes to your family, yes to your friends, yes to your circle of influence, and yes to a struggling world. You can open your heart and have the most fun you have ever had!

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